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  • In the science news this month, Computer Emergency Response Team India (CERT-In) signed three cyber security pact with Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan. Cert-in Is the nodal agency for dealing with cyber security threats, and MoU(Memorandum of Understanding) between countries will Improve cyber security.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ) has recommended Public-Private-Partnership(PPP) that aligns private incentives with long term service delivery in the vein of the Build-Own-Operate-Transfer/Build-Operate-Transfer science models for the national broadband network BharatNet. The time period for the concession will be 25 years then extended to 10/20/30 years. The Project aims to provides net to 2 lakh Gram Panchayats. The speed of 100 Mbps is to be provided to enable e-services nationally.

TRAI Logo science
TRAI Logo Rark science news
  • The news that electrified the scientists in Astronomy, the gravitational waves have been detected. The ripples in the fabric of space-time science that Albert Einstein predicted a century ago. Laser-Interferometer –Gravitational-Wave-Observatory, heard the sound of black holes colliding. Indian Initiative in Gravitational Wave Observation (IndIGO) was setup in 2009 within IUCAA (Inter-university-Centre-for-astronomy-and-astrophysics).

  • After Landmark detection of Gravitational waves in US based observatory, Indian Central Govt gave approval for construction of LIGO-India (Laser-Interferometer-Gravitational-Observatory ) at the IUCAA.

  • Ringing Bells, an Indian Company launched the cheapest smartphone ever at 251 rs.  or 4 $ and this is being considered as the worlds cheapest smartphone ever. As per various industry experts, even advanced science techniques cant enable a phone to be this cheap with such many features. It a mystery as to how they are able to manufacture it at a rate lower than selling price which itself is exceptionally low.
ringing bells freedom smartphone
Ringing bells freedom smartphone- fairly used by Rark
  • Microsoft is working with govt of India to patch Skype with Aadhar, to see if video calling service can be used to make authenticated calls with govt institutions via a digital fingerprint and/or iris scan to identify themselves with the govt agent and then easily get licenses or testify.

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