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Indian Youth a Misguided Missile

 Indian Youth a Misguided Missile 

A Rark Original Article

Since time immemorial, Indian society has boasted on being at the pinnacle of cultural refinement. Manners and etiquette are imbibed in every child of every middle class household of our great nation. They are socially programmed to say ‘Namaste Uncle/ Aunty’ whenever any  unknown living entity comes in their house, or if a neighbor passes by. We say that this poise of morality has been forever in our genes. We are bound by our solemn duty to make way for the others and offer seats in the buses and trains to the women and to the elderly. The views of writer at Rark are his own and not written with intention to offend anyone.

Indus Valley civilization image for Rark article
A still from the Indus Valley Civilization- fairly used for rark

According to our rich heritage and history, It is sometimes believable, pertaining to the reason that the general population enjoyed prosperity and the small chieftains and kingdoms flourished and trade relations with the Middle East and Central Asian people made merchants rich, even during the era of Indus valley civilization. There were ample opportunities for development of recreational interests, art and music. Prior to that, methodology of living life with a certain level of spiritual essence is evident in the Vedas, the level of sophistication achieved in conceiving such piece of literature where every step of life in defined, designated, and righteous ways of living have been told is very inspiring.

Another ancient book on subject of lifestyle and social behavior as perceived from various aspects is Chanakya Niti , in which, how a man /woman must behave in a family, what are their duties and also duties of king, etc., are mentioned in detail. Yet, if we look at current scenario, it not tough to ascertain that such principles that once guided a man to do their duty without the greed of money or other articles, are now in fact fading away.

Our nations founding fathers struggled for freedom and assumed that the young generation will take up the responsibility to build an independent and prosperous country. The history has told us a lot about how we have evolved as a society, but that time is passed. I once had a good opportunity to meet a gentleman a few months ago who was sitting besides me in a city bus. He was almost 50..55, hair turning grey. During our conversation, the topic of discussion turned towards how far we have come from the ideal standards of ethics and morality. He recalled that according to him, it all started on the day when Jag Jivan Ram , the Janata Dal leader (during the time Indira Gandhi was serving as Prime Minister of India and himself later became deputy PM during Janta Party’s rule from 1977-1979) addressed a rally for uniting against harsh policies and atrocities done on leaders of opposition and anybody else who tried to confront Ms Indira Gandhi in political matters. On that day, people were coming to see that rally in Ram Leela Maidan, New Delhi. The Congress party knew that this scenario is bound to bring her defeat. As a result, to distract people they ordered to broadcast the ” trend setter of teenage romance” film of that time “Bobby”, featuring Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia, on national television. It was strange and utterly unethical to for  them to order broadcast of such a movie showing love affairs and refusing parent’s wishes etc. as that man remarked. However thousands of people went to that rally and soon Ms. Indira Gandhi lost the election after emergency was lifted. Writer at Rark does not have intent to be offensive at all.

It was a beginning of outward public display of love marriages, affairs, inter-caste marriages, and during the past thirty years or so, situation has gone from  bad to worse. One should not be against love marriages but I do hold certain dislike towards those who try to take undue advantage of such happenings. Bollywood directors portray the above mentioned topics in a demeaning manner and add the flavor and spice of obscenity, disregard towards law, public display of physical affections and sexual innuendo. It is not just movies to be blamed, songs by some singers such as Honey Singh are of highly obscene nature, depicting female bodies as mere objects and complete lack of respect. The matter is now in court and as mentioned by some lawyers and judges, clearly shows a form of criminal intent to diminish the integrity of woman.

There are many vices other than those said above, the major ones are consumption of alcohol and drugs by school students, couple of years ago, many boys and girls in a club at Sahara mall of Gurgaon were caught in an intoxicated state and some even under influence of drugs as well. This questions the responsibility of parents under whose watch how 10 and 12th class students of Amity International School , Gurgaon were able to organize a party and get drunk.

Many cases of underage driving of vehicles by school students are reported everyday but legal system has loopholes and some bribe or a phone call by influential people forces the police to let them go. Incessant use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram,Whats app, etc. has led to mental degradation of children, they are addicted to mobile phones as early as the ages of 7..10. Moreover, cheaper phones and unlimited network plans have enabled them to stay online for as long as they wish, they perform poorly in studies and worse in sports, while working parents are unable to monitor their activity, soon these young prodigies become addicts of pictures of female celebrities, late night chatting and sharing of pornographic material over the internet.

rark does not recommend texting
She may be laughing at you but you think you will get her love!!!!

Boys-girls love the sight of each other at Instagram, talk at messenger and then break up at whats app. Then in a few days girl finds a new guy and boy begins sending fresh friend requests and cycle goes on.

The current scenario in movies displays the Girlfriend-Boyfriend relationships in a glorious way, how they are in love and hero is very intelligent, courageous, bold, outspoken, frank as usual and girl on the other hand is meek, shy, concerned about studies as usual. Also, being extremely beautiful is a job requirement. Supposedly, the heroine is highly paid for being winner of Miss World, Miss Universe, or other fashion events. The harsh reality is far from reel life, honour killing are rampant in states like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, rape cases are coming up on almost weekly basis in Haryana.

The 16th December Nirbhaya case in Delhi gave a clear warning, yet after hearing the verdict of giving death sentence to convicts, other criminals are picking every opportunity to have their way with innocent women. Statistics show that in 2015, sex ratio is worst in Haryana and around 678 girls to 1000 boys in district of Rewari which clearly suggest how female foeticide is going on. While such is happening some people still hold the philosophy as more popular you are, good it is for your fame. As they say, ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’. Poonam Pandey’s announcements during World Cup 2011 that she would appear naked before the Indian team if they won the World Cup, but important thing is that she got a movie offer soon after.

Leaders of ruling party are very busy in criticizing oppositions and vice versa, discussing same ideas with new names again and again, moreover, laws are made but implemented poorly. Youth holds the key to the nation’s future and if we believe so, then we must endeavour to sacrifice some comfort but to make our coming generation more responsible, and less self-indulging. It is wrong to think complete liberty must be given unconditionally, it must be offered gradually while also giving boys and girls a sense of responsibility with at least some reasonable restrictions. The non-stop slogans at colleges and university, some even questioning the judgement of Supreme Court, some about creating unrest and  lawlessness among people in Society. Arresting under sedition is no help unless government understands why students at JNU committed such acts.

JNU protests and the issue of sedition
JNU protests and the issue of sedition

Lastly, it will be for the parents, who need to make some ground rules so that children learn to respect elder properly and not just removing headphones to listen to them momentarily as a ‘fake sign of respect’.

We at Rark , think that Parents regular visit to their schools, tuition centres and their sports complexes will enable them to understand young people’s mindset,  intense counselling regarding their behavior pattern  and mold their actions accordingly. If such are our acts, morality in youngsters will not decline but surge upward once again and India shall be on its way to be the greatest country as once envisioned by our founding fathers of the nation.

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