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Well, nobody likes being lectured all day right?? Yeah, thought so…. Then why just the routine stuff, see the new posts about Lifestyle and Fashion, whats hot and whats not. Rark will keep you updated on the local news too if you are in the Delhi Gurgaon NCR area.  Busy at office, don’t worry, get all the news on the go. Rark.in is mobile friendly, with adjustable screen width to let you be in comfort on your Smartphone and Tablet.

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Its a simple funda. Dress fashionably, talk nicely, & live happily. The easiest things in life come not costly. All it takes is a bit of dedication, and some amount of passion. One who is passionate about his photo image clicking hobby, he must do that.  Photos shown here are the reflection of the psyche of the man behind the camera. Still if you see closely, you can feel the appeal. After all, not everything is Rocket Science.