12 things one must remember while making a Resume !

12 things one must remember while making a CV.

Many people believe that resume making is really a tough art. Let’s dive a little in resume making and see for ourselves.

A job isn’t just a job, its who you are !

The main art of resume making is being object oriented. One must not forget the purpose for which he made the CV. For example, I am a regular blood donor, I have donated blood several times. But believe me if I am applying for a company like American Express, it would be the last thing that I would write up on my resume. The first thing would be my best skill set required for the job.

RESUME: A written exaggeration of only the good things a person has done in the past, as well as a wish list of the qualities a person would like to have. – BO Bennett

As clearly stated above, this is a very good definition of Resume. You may ask me, why only good things and why not being exactly write who we  are. The answer is simple, every HR Manager is interested in knowing how constructive and efficient you are to the company. And yes, we all have some bad qualities but we should not even give  him a chance to judge us on basis of our bad qualities.

One might argue that how can we capture all our brilliance into a single page. But believe me it’s not about showing your brilliance to the HR Manager, rather it’s about showing him that useful you are to his/her company.

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Make your Resume CV better

Remember these tips for a good Resume:

  1. Keep the content as accurate as you can in your resume.
  2. Personal details are important as they give a viewpoint of you personality, but do not waste too much space on it.
  3. List Educational Qualifications first, and then your training and projects if you are a fresher.
  4. If you are experienced in the industry, give your job experiences first, then Major projects handled and lastly if any relevant courses done.
  5. Do not try to Impress the reader by using ‘ FANCY‘ words. Try not make it colourful, rather keep it simple. Use black colour of foreground on white background.
  6.  The rule is to ‘KISS‘ , meaning KEEP IT SHORT & SIMPLE.
  7.  The CV should not be very lengthy to read or somebody’s gonna throw it.
  8.  Try to keep it below 3 pages for sake of convenience, and  this includes your family profile and address etc.
  9.  Do not forget to give your active E-mail ID and a backup Phone number, just in case they cant reach you at your cell.
  10.  Do not try to stuff the CV by writing too many CO-CURRICULAR achievements. Believe me friends, No one wants to know if you won a dance competition in 4th  grade.
  11.  Don’t add irrelevant details of your social media accounts unless it is indispensable for the type of job, say journalist. By removing unnecessary details, you will  save so much space.
  12.  When choosing your resume font, stick to ones that are considered easy to read and won’t confuse the ATS systems: Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Tahoma, Book Antiqua or Franklin Gothic. Even Times New Roman would be a good option.
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