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Food Issues in India

What is Adulteration in Food ?

An adulterant is a substance found within other substances (e.g. food, beverages, fuels), although not allowed for legal or other reasons. The addition of adulterants is called adulteration. An adulterant is distinct from, for example, permitted food additives.


Adulteration leading to health risks

It is one of the main problems of the present food scenario in the world today. As the population of the world is growing at a tremendous rate, the need for good quality and nutritious food is also rising. Most of the people are now shifting towards packed foods in hope of getting good quality meal. But most of the packaged foods are posing health risk to the people as they contain compounds which taste good to our tongue but are bad for our body. Children and even adults like to have junk foods which are indeed delicious, but later on they prove to be ill-omened for health due to presence to health threatening chemicals in them.


Cases of adulteration in food

In India, adulteration is present in most of the edible items. Even the packed milk we drink, which is believed to be good for health, may contain contaminants which pose threat to our lives. There have been several cases of adulteration in our country. In some states, people got ill and even died on drinking chemically prepared milk and eating chemically ripen fruits and vegetables. It was found that caustic soda was used to prepare milk which was even transported to big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. So, it is not only that people of small towns and cities are becoming prey to this widespread network of adulteration. Even we are becoming prey to it but still we are quite unknown about it. Injections are used to ripe fruits and vegetables. People do this inhumane act to get profits. They don’t even think of the lives of the people they are going to harm. For their greed, they put lives of so many people at stake.


Mid Day meal food being served at school by teachers
The quality of Mid Day meal food is posing serious threats to health of School children


Mid Day Meal food issue

A large scam was reported in the Mid-Day Meal scheme started by the Government of India in schools in order to promote poor people to send their children to schools. In most of the government schools mid-day meal given to school children was found to be highly contaminated. This proved fatal to many children. Such incidents alarmed the concerned authorities to take action. Many people were involved in the scam. They got arrested and now legal procedure is going on to punish these criminals.


Lead found in Maggi Noodles

But then a new evil rose, Maggi (A Nestle Product) was conspicuous by the presence of contaminants like lead and MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate). Several states banned it for some time. A great rift started between the concerned authorities and Nestle Company.


Food like maggi noodles were found containing deathly substance lead.
Maggi Noodles found containing lead


Other Nestle products like powdered milk were also found to contain disease causing germs in it. Most of the people  protested to ban Maggi as it posed potential threat to our health. Lead which is highly poisonous had been found in Maggi in an amount greater than the permissible value. Even the celebrities advertising for Maggi were given legal notice. It seemed that Maggi had done lots of damage to people’s health till now. Then after several negotiations by FSSAI and Nestle company and rechecking of the newly poduced Maggi, the ban on Maggi was uplifted.


Eating bread may cause Cancer

Recently, a research conducted by an Indian NGO found that bread in India contains potassium bromate (KBrO3). It is used to oxidize and increase the elasticity of bread dough. But it is quite harmful to our health. It causes cough and sore throat when inhaled. Cancer, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, kidney failure, hearing loss, bronchial and ocular problems are some of the health problems associated with the ingestion of potassium bromate. Potassium bromate is banned in most of the developed nations. The companies said that using potassium bromate in bread is not prohibited in India, which is indeed true. What all the health organisations are doing? We are getting such information from NGOs.


Food like Bread contains Potassium Bromate which can lead to cancer. - RARK
Indian breads tested positive for Cancer causing agents



These incidents are testimonial to the deteriorating food security standards in India. It is advisable that people should avoid eating such items. FSSAI(Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) should thoroughly check and approve all the food items and punish the guilty. We can’t allow some people playing with our lives for their money. We should only eat those items which are approved by FSSAI. We should plant vegetables and fruits themselves for their use if possible! We must protect ourselves in this situation. Nowadays, Death is being served in the bowl every morning. It is sad but true! Isn’t it?

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  • Date – 7 June, 2016
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