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Will UP CM Yogi Adityanath Build The Ram Temple ?

Can Yogi Adityanath fulfill his commitment to build Ram Temple

Ram temple agitation Ayodhya
Hindu groups calling for Building Ram Temple in Ayodhya

After an astounding victory in UP Assembly Elections, the new Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has to think about his promise to the people of Uttar Pradesh. The promise that he made during the election campaign. The Promise to Build a Ram Temple on that 67 Acres of Disputed land in Ayodhya.


After a huge victory of 324 seats out of 403 in Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly, more than anyone ever did in the History of Uttar Pradesh. It was for the development and for the Ram Mandir issue. Now after the Festivities are over, there is a huge cry in public fir the construction of Ram Temple.

Ram Temple Ram Mandir Ayodhya Rark India
Hindu groups want the Ram Mandir to be built in Ayodhya BJP supports it

A few months ago, some 10,000 people of Ayodhya signed a petition to support amicable settlement between the Muslim Wakf Board and Ram Janmbhoomi Nyaas. Even Supreme court has said that they are ready to appoint someone to bring out a peaceful solution. However it is now clear that out of court settlement has been declined by the Babri Masjid Action Committee.

VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad ) senior leader Surendra Jain said that since out of the court settlement is not on the table, then a legislation should be brought in the assembly. He further added that BJP has majority in Lok Sabha and as well as in the UP State assembly. This gives powers to enact such a bill that will enable them to build Ram Temple on the disputed land in Ayodhya.

Majority required by BJP to pass bill to build Ram Temple

There are concerns that how will the Ram Mandir Bill will be passed in Parliament as BJP lacks a majority in Rajya Sabha, Jain said, there is a provision of joint sitting of Both Houses of Parliament and the bill can be passed through that. VHP is a Powerful Hindu Organisation and has Millions of followers. So now after BJP getting victory in all the right places, the call to build Ram Temple is up Again.

Narendra Modi PM may sort out Babri issue by Legislation in the Centre (Rark Post)
BJP in Power at centre and in UP gives Modi a Chance to Work put the Ram Mandir issue

Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is known to give surprises, some people are saying that maybe before the Lok Sabha Elections in 2019, there maybe some announcement about Ram Mandir finalizing.

The Recent Ram Navami Proceedings were filled with slogans of Call to Build Ram Temple at Ayodhya. The Chants of ‘Jai Shree Ram’ filled the streets of Uttar Pradesh. But it is a long way ahead as the Muslim groups wanting the land to be given to Babri masjid would sure be unhappy over this bypassing of Supreme Court’s directive by the means of a legislation.