Harmful effects of facebook post- Rark India

7 things that are wrong with Facebook

7 Things that are wrong with Facebook

Harmful effects of facebook post- Rark India
Are you a regular on facebook? Watch Out this may be Harmful to you.

It is highly controversial to say so but isn’t it true?? Facebook has spawned everywhere in the world and barely anyone is there who is not addicted to it. Not just Facebook, its Twitter, and WhatsApp and the famous Instagram !! Well to be honest there is a big list of social media websites, portal, Micro-blogging websites that are becoming the cause of increasing lack of mental abilities (or Read. Commonsense) in today’s youth.

Social Media King- “The Facebook”

Are you a regular on facebook? Watch Out this may be Harmful to you.
It is visible that Facebook has massive impact on the lives of people although that may not all be good – RARK

To begin with lets just see what is wrong with developers on facebook-

  1. Friends Profile Picture Change–   No matter whatever the amount of pages you like, still if some friend of yours has changed your profile picture, IT WILL SHOW IN THE FACEBOOK FEED !  Well these code writers did not presume that some guy or more likely a girl is suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Sort of thing and like to change the profile picture number of times….. Well, Number of times a day!!  🙁
  2. Extremely Large Friend List–  let us imagine You may know a few hundred people that may be called as a friend but to enable the friend list to be that big, 5000 friends cannot all be your real friends. But, this actually creates a problem, when your friends whom you actually know and meet often, they post something worth seeing, is pushed back in feed due to non-important people whom you added as a friend for no reason at all. (Well, no rational reason :-/ )

    Facebook Add Friend Feature
    Facebook has allowed to make a lot of friends irrespective of you know any of them or not.
  3. Tag removal procedure is tedious – Too much friends means anyone is tagging you and its going to fill the feed whether its relevant or not. Now there a few ways to  remove tag, you can go to the privacy settings but there also you can only control who to tag you, but once you are tagged, you have to go to activity log.

    facebook suggest rark
    FB suggests a lot of pages and Friends which you may not like
  4. Too much SuggestionsFacebook suggests us too much of stuff even though it has almost no relation to us. They take money from page owners to promote content and then keep dropping the suggested pages and suggested posts. Everything you do, FB likes to suggest that there is more to it.You add some guys to your friend list, FB will suggest tons of them. Why?? they want you to have more and more people in the friends list, The feeling of being famous. Dude you wont become famous by having large no of friends with Small brains.
  5. Facebook Places – It is a serious privacy concern. It gives away your location to your ‘friends’ in the list about where you are. Now, if by chance there is a guy or a girl stalking you, he might come there and may become a big issue. Even your coffee time is not your own and many people find it difficult to turn that feature off.

    facebook harmful
    Privacy is a big concern for everybody, and not to be taken lightly, especially in Countries like India where there is high illiteracy.
  6. Facebook’s  Privacy Settings  – Its a serious issue and people now a days the concept of privacy on facebook is becoming a myth.  A picture of a girl can be easily picked up from her profile saved and then edited. Many guys with no ethics misuse that picture in various places. Yes, facebook has blocking feature but how about blocking the downloadable nature of the Profile Pic.
  7. The Algorithms of Facebook – Facebook has developed elaborate algorithms that misguides the people in a way they present search results. If you belong to a political party and you search about that party on facebook, then it will present those results what your friends generated who belong to that party. Such results will be higher in the News Feed.

Now, such things give people a false impression that many are liking that page and they agree to the political                 ideology. This implies that party has good reach, but is it the reality?? No !! Actually the search result algorithms are designed such that those who belong to another party (Opposition) will voice their opinions but they will be too below in the feed or maybe not even show at all. So in a way, facebook prioritizes your search and while actually your party might be on the verge of losing. This fake sense of security is not good for any individual or party.

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